Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today's Eye Candy!

Just wanted to share some lovely eye candy with everyone :)

The first photo is of my first bearded iris bloom from propagation splits I was given last year. I planted around 30 of different colors but so far this is the only one to bloom. It's really huge, standing about 2 1/2 foot tall and the flower is about a handspan wide.

The next photo is of my birthday bouquet that Chopper got me...he said he wanted to overwhelm me with them (since several women stopped him in the store to tell him how lovely they were I guess I wasn't the only one!)

The last are from my neighbor...all those blooms are on a single stalk...and they smell just heavenly.

And latest creation...the Big Bold Bohemian Bangle Bracelet

Hope you enjoyed all the eye candy!