Wednesday, June 17, 2009



Well, when the main job supporting the house is downsized then other things need to follow suit. So I am downsizing my inventory here at Nine Dragons Sculpture Art and giving some great savings for a limited time.

Here's your chance to purchase high quality original oil paintings, sculptures and unique wearable art designs at a fabulous price...most items are marked off at 25-50% off.

All items have the same guarantee as they did at full price...satisfaction guaranteed. My products are made with the best quality materials possible and each is an original design by myself.

These products were all priced at a fair market price for the quality hand created expertise that went into their creation, so this is an exceptional deal and will not be offered again. All of these products are available through my site or any of the following 1000 Market markets of which I am a member in good standing:

Wearable Art Market

Bohemia Esprit

Mind Body Spirit

Pacific Northwest Market

Rocky Mountain Market

All purchases are through guaranteed Amazon quick and easy click for the item(s) you want a fabulous deal on. time offer!

Sue Choppers-Wife/Proprietor Nine Dragons Sculpture Art