Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Philosophies of Sue

I came across this section of a notebook yesterday and I have no idea when I wrote it...but I guess it really does sum up how I feel about things! So hope you don't mind my sharing my strange philosophy of life.

- You may wear many names in your life, but you are who you see yourself to be.

- There is a difference between control and guidance. A guide will lead you through their experience, allowing you to learn for yourself. A controller will live your life for you.

- Always be open too learning, but never trust a single source.

-Trust your inner voice (if you are sure it is yours).

- Laugh at yourself. Only.

- Realize that you will never be safe.

- Imagine that you are hurtling through space and time. You can't go back where you've been and you can't see where you are going. Around you are screaming neon nebulas, blazing suns, whizzing meteorites and other hurtling beings. Reach out and touch what you can. Fill your eyes with beauty. Listen to the ages. Taste the energy. Smell the atmosphere. Lend a hand to those who have lost their way. Enjoy the ride.

- Power. You.

- Never seek to be someone else. Not only will you fail to be them, you will fail to be yourself. If you don't like yourself, learn to.

- The definition of 'cool' - self knowledge. Knowing what fits who you are. Exuding confidence. No one can make you cool.

- Honesty. To yourself. To others. The most important lesson to liking yourself, others, to being liked. If some don't like you, lay the blame on them, if you honestly like yourself.

- Moose are not pretty creatures. Yet behemoth RV's line up to take pictures. Even if you've seen thousands of moose, the next time is still neat. Why?

- Why is a wonderful question.

-Aging is a difficult process. It leaves its mark. I am a well read book. My pages are filled with a wonderful, horrible, happy, sad, rich, poor, loved, hated, lived, existed life. I love this book and it keeps getting more interesting and challenging. My book is always here to pick up. There is no ending that I will write. It is beyond Pullitzer. I love every tattered page and am thrilled that there are yet blank pages to fill. Somethings will write themselves - always a surprise. Some I can make up myself. I will march through it, skip through it, dance through it - because it is my story.

- A soulmate is a wondrous thing. Imagine someone who wants to co-author your book! Willing to write themselves into your book and inviting you into their own story. How wonderful when you have writer's block! It is totally possible for two people to walk through life together. Happily. Not easily- until the steps are measured so the pace is the same (if the freedom is given to each to step differently when needed).

- Love is worth it

I have more and maybe will add them in another blog tomorrow, but this seemed a fitting ending for Valentine's Day :)

note - As I said, I don't even remember writing these, though it's my handwriting lol Some things may have been adapted from things I've read or heard so I am not claiming ownership of anything except the fact that these ARE my personal philosophies :)


Friday, February 13, 2009

This week's Wearable Art Market featured artisan is the jadedog .

I've always loved intricate traditional beadwork and durn near ruined my eyes many years ago when I practiced this exacting art. I just love how Darcy has added a completely modern twist to her beading, creating a true wearable art feast for the eyes.

One part of great artwork is choosing just the right names and boy, do I love these two!

First we have Elephant Tracks which is the piece I was most attracted to when I first saw Darcy's work. I love all things African, especially love elephants and this title alone took me off on a flight of fancy (but oooh, did you see the lovely details?)

Next we have It Began With Ann's Expression Now, I have no idea who Ann is or what her expression was (shock, dismay, astonishment?) but geez, sure was fun making up a story that might fit. Once again the details draw you in...the beading is technically perfect and has a wonderful rhythm in the placement.

I hope you enjoyed this week's feature and please be sure to visit both Darcy's shop and the Wearable Arts Market for more luscious art!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am, therefore I Can - finished Castle oil painting

oil painting of woman on motorcycle leaving a castleWell, I think we have come to the end of our journey with this painting. I know it's hard to get the feel of the real thing in a photograph this size, but if you click on the picture you will get a better idea. The colors are very close to what I have in the painting, as are the values, but you are going to see a lot of sharpness in the trees that is not that exaggerated in real life. The cameras pick up all the different colors and sort of separate them.

In the end I had to really kick back the color intensity of the castle itself, so that it would recede behind the figure. I had a good long discussion with an artist friend about the perspective and think I have learned a few tricks for the next painting :) This one though, is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) lol.

I have to wait for this to dry before I try a frame...want to see how it looks in both an antique silver and antique gold...each will accentuate a different part of the painting, so am not sure yet.

I truly appreciate all the feedback that I've gotten with this long process of painting...thank you so much for following this whole 6 week process!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Looking for a little Peace & Love?

photo of products at Peace & Love market

Oh boy, do I love seeing a wonderful concept become a fantastical reality! Today marks the Grand Opening of the new Peace & Love market at 1000 Markets :)

The whole concept of this market is to take the taste and flavor of the 60's and 70's Peace and Love Movement and integrate it into the new millennium. So while some items are retro, others will be a new spin on an old exciting is that?

I've put together a little collage of just a few of the items that are available in this market...I kind of thought of how it might look if you'd just had a full day of shopping for goodies and just now were pouring your sweet take out to admire :)

Please take a moment to visit us at , look at all the purties and take a moment to join in on some of the fun in the market forum.

Peace out!