Saturday, February 7, 2009

In a bit of an Animal mood

This song was my personal anthem when I was 13...teenage angst? You bet. 

At that time in the past, the biggest band around was the Beatles. Now there's a lot of Beatle songs that tie into my memories, but even though 'edgy' wasn't a word then, that was how I felt about the Animals. They had a real deep blues base (love the blues...mainly due to them) and somehow most of their songs touched upon how I felt inside. 

They had a rawness and loads of rebellion that fit with the happenings in the world around me then. Think about all that was going on then...the civil rights movement, the Nam war, the atomic bomb drills in school, the questioning of everything...geez, how can a 13 year old deal with all that? 

I dropped out and tuned in to cope...but you know, it wasn't all bad. This culture had a depth to it that the older generation didn't get. We said 'man, you had it all and you are ruining doesn't have to be this way!' And for awhile there were so many of us that they had to listen. 

They say that everything is a circle, and today I feel that is where we are...back to that point where so many of us are saying that exact same doesn't have to be this way. And you know what? We've got their attention again...let's make it work this time!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Soaking in some Vitamin D and castle update

I can't believe it...a productive day all around PLUS I actually got to sit outside, barefoot on the porch (at the beginning of February!) and soak up some rays. :)
This is the view out my back door and I can't help but start to dream of what things will look like when spring comes. My favorite thing in the world is to just sit and listen to the birds sing while I look out over this vista. It was nothing like the cacophony that spring will bring, but I did hear several birds chattering happily.

I've been real busy with market business plus I have several projects going...this shows the two necklaces of square beads that I'm working on (loads of fitting to still make for these) and it shows the ongoing hyperbolic crochet piece I'm playing sort of looks like a swimming stingray at the moment lol, but will be fun seeing how it changes.

And I know I said no more updates until this painting is done, but it's going to go into next week and I know you were dying of curiosity lol! The lighter tower roofs on the right are what I did today, tomorrow I will go back in and darken them with the same colors as in the other roofs. I also have to lay in the red trim in one area. You can see I started the sky on the left, but haven't carried it to the right yet, that's just a fresh coat of white to work on. I've misted in the back hills and knocked back just about all the castle buildings to get them to sit behind the figure just right. I'm still not quite happy with the hair but this is getting close to the final painting, as I've been taking my brush at the end of each session and working over the older parts to tie everything in together.

It just feels good to get so much done and still be able to sit outside and play hooky for a bit. Life is good!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Wearable Art Market feature - fatalattraction's le Enchantement

This week's Wearable Art Market feature artisan is fatalattraction of Le Enchantement .

Gale's work is uniquely her own style in every sense of the word. I've chosen three items, the first two leaning towards her wonderful sense of color and form and the last is just one that I totally have my eye on because it's well, just so me!

The Lady Sarah Textile Cuff just captures my imagination with that haunting color combination. Although it has a rose shape it makes me think of a lovely lotus sitting in one of Monet's paintings :)

And who on earth could not be captivated with the title of She was a Black-Eyed Bumper Car ?! Gale's product description have so much flavor I want to eat them right up :D

The last feature piece is the Taking Fire Ring which I just lust after, so couldn't not include it lol

I think we're lucky to have fatalattraction in our market to lend such a wonderful flavor!