Sunday, September 14, 2008

Studio contamination

Most every artist I know has a mess in their studio...been there, done that, and if I hadn't moved my draft table back into the living area from my studio (spare bedroom) then I'd still be there.

There's something to be said for keeping your art materials organized so you can find things without doing a major scavenger hunt. But more important is to keep your work areas, tools and mediums clean.

I've started working with whites and ivories a lot lately and even though I've been very careful to start with a clean working space I get involved with what I'm doing and forget to clean up in between color stages. It's a lot harder to get a stray speck of red out of your white sculpture/painting than it is to just wipe down your work area. It's something we all know to do and kick ourselves for when we forget (over and over). 

Today I got really frustrated when dirty smudges kept showing up in my space was clean, my hands were clean so what was the deal? Cheap tools. Yep...I'd bought a black rubber wedge for smoothing and discovered that it's soft rubber and the color actually lifts from it. Perhaps it's because I do clean it with ammonia but I never had that problem when I was throwing pots and using a wedge, so I think it's all about using a cheap one. 

My biggest problem is rushing...sure, I'm caught in the throes of creating and it's like a burning that won't go away until the piece is complete. But in the long run I always pay (and take longer!) for not being more patient and organized. 

So, deep breaths, might as well bite the bullet and admit...being creative really is stifled by messiness, not enhanced...what a concept!

The site of the week this time is for an artist I met online and have been good friends with for quite a few years now. At that time we were both working with pastels and paint, she has since moved on to wood carvings. She has her own unique style (I've an eye on some of her pieces) and I hope you enjoy Kathy Robbin's work as much as I do.

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