Monday, December 1, 2008

Art vs. Flu - Round 6

I've been fighting some sort of virus the last six days, and although the flu got me with a TKO yesterday, I think I'm ready for a comeback in the sixth round. I'm still a little sluggish from that right hook, but at least my feet are back under me again :D

Really, though, it's not been a very productive week for me art-wise. I'm slowly pulling together the bones for a new concept design, though I still haven't worked out the last part. I did manage to put together our Thanksgiving dinner before I got too bad and got some Christmas packages wrapped and ready to mail out.

This year I'm hand crafting some origami boxes to put some of my jewelry in. Earrings can go in little boxes made from last year's Christmas cards and I used some art paper to make some larger boxes. And no matter how sick, I can manage to fold paper.

Yesterday I made a find in the craft section at the grocery store (it's real easy to find stuff when you stand in front of an aisle in a cotton wrapped fog for 15 minutes). It seems they make nice cardboard stock papers for scrap booking and they're already square cut. This one was called 'Once Upon A Time'. There are 24 different design pages, each design has 2 pages, just perfect for making a box with a top. 

My first two were made with pages that looked like actual pages taken from a book, the typeset is rather faded and old time-y looking and I love how they came out. The boxes are sturdy and reusable and so I've decided that I'll make my own boxes for packaging all my jewelry. 

Anyways, here's hoping Kid Sue can make a quick comeback and knock out some more art soon!

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