Friday, February 13, 2009

This week's Wearable Art Market featured artisan is the jadedog .

I've always loved intricate traditional beadwork and durn near ruined my eyes many years ago when I practiced this exacting art. I just love how Darcy has added a completely modern twist to her beading, creating a true wearable art feast for the eyes.

One part of great artwork is choosing just the right names and boy, do I love these two!

First we have Elephant Tracks which is the piece I was most attracted to when I first saw Darcy's work. I love all things African, especially love elephants and this title alone took me off on a flight of fancy (but oooh, did you see the lovely details?)

Next we have It Began With Ann's Expression Now, I have no idea who Ann is or what her expression was (shock, dismay, astonishment?) but geez, sure was fun making up a story that might fit. Once again the details draw you in...the beading is technically perfect and has a wonderful rhythm in the placement.

I hope you enjoyed this week's feature and please be sure to visit both Darcy's shop and the Wearable Arts Market for more luscious art!



  1. Oh, my! Those are stunning works of art!

  2. I know...I'm really awed by some of the talent in this group too! Thanks for commenting!


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