Friday, March 20, 2009

The Ideas behind a Creative Series of Art

I've been seriously pursuing an art career for just about 15 years now, but this new collection called Negative Spaces - Meanings in Random Patterns is my very first exploratory series. It hasn't happened quite how I would have imagined...the odds were that any series I produced would have been paintings, and yet this evolved as a jewelry pendant series. That's not to say that I might not cross over to another medium to explore this further, but at the moment I am content to explore this medium. As I said before, it began as a fluke...I just wanted to play with making some negative impression from an already deeply carved piece. I found it fascinating that the images created something quite different from the original stamp and that each piece also had hidden meanings for me. The above photo is of the eight pieces that form this collection, but there have been several other attempts that didn't quite fit the vision I have. The interesting thing is that the failed pieces became molds for two of these pieces and one is a piece made from a mold I completely designed myself. I think that I will be making a lot more of my own becomes a little less random, perhaps, but that is part of making it my own vision and because I will be making impressions the final piece will still have some random effects (that hopefully work). My first mold was made from polymer clay but I think I will move to soap or wax for my next mold and see what happens...that is the best part of doing a series, I evolves as you go and failures become success. What more could an artist ask for?


  1. Those pendants are awesome, Sue!

  2. I don't know if my other comment came through, but the pendants are awesome

  3. thank you twice, Mallory! :D


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