Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today's Market Finds at 1000 Markets

1000 Markets

We are a community of marketplaces, large and small, connecting artisan merchants with the people who love their products.

Our markets are more than just collections of products; they are full of people and stories. They have voices and personalities.

Our merchants are small, independent, artisan businesses built by people who love their craft. They make and sell unique products, based on their own vision, personality and story. Working together, these artisans create marketplace communities - gathering places where merchants can exchange ideas, and customers can browse and talk.

Our markets are large and small, broad and narrow. Some have themes, like food, crafts, or art. Others cultivate a sense of place around a region. And some exist simply because the people in them share friendship or common values. Each market fosters its own one-of-a-kind community, always unique and interesting.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN MARKET : High-Altitude Artisans

We are artisans of the Rocky Mountains, encompassing the beautiful states of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming.

Our products are the kind you might discover at a great farmers market, craft fair or at a quaint little ski-town boutique. Our work represents a wide variety of art and craftsmanship - from pottery to photography, jewelry to papercraft, and everything in between.

We have brought our shops together here for you to explore. We hope you will visit often and be as inspired as we are by the amazing beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

PACIFIC NORTHWEST MARKET : Unique and One-of-kind artisan products from the Pacific Northwest

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Market - a place to find wonderfully talented artisans from the diverse states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.

From ocean to rain forest and from desert to mountain, the Pacific Northwest has amazing variety not just in weather and geography but in people and art. We hope you can find your very own piece of the Pacific Northwest here.

Come explore our market learn more about our beautiful states.

MIND BODY SPIRIT : Nurture, inspire, heal, create!

The purpose of the Mind Body Spirit Marketplace is to offer quality products that are designed to nurture, inspire, heal and honor the spirit inside all of us. This marketplace is positive in nature and non-denominational.

Quote of the Week: "It is a wholesome and necessary thing for us to turn again to the earth and in the contemplation of her beauties to know of wonder and humility." -Rachel Carson

BOHEMIA ESPRIT : A Place for the artistic...bohemian soul...

Bohemia Esprit...the spirit of bohemian...the free soul full of spirit...finding truth, meaning, art and freedom in expression.

We at Bohemia Esprit seek to provide a marketplace for the bohemian spirited person to shop, discover new ideas and products and find information on the bohemian lifestyle. Our mission is to encourage artistic expression that while is oft times against convention still speaks of quality handmade and artisan produced pieces of art.

WEARABLE ART : Art For The Body

A place to find creations of art that extend beyond the traditional. Welcome to the Wearable Art Market. Our creations are here to adorn the human body. Wearable art jewelry, clothing and accessories. All of our shops will entice you to visit.


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  1. Those are fabulous finds, Sue! You did a wonderful job!


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