Sunday, August 31, 2008

Can you keep a secret?

Well, I can't!

 I had made my little cellist Jammins'© as a surprise gift for my mother, who at the young age of 85 is still playing in concerts. I'd carefully kept her away from my website but sent her a link to this new blog, totally forgetting that I'd put a photo of my new sculpture on site. Doh!

I had just installed a new free hits counter with lots of great traffic stats on my sites and when I saw one from the town she lives in I figured it was her, so called and said 'Well, I guess you know about your little gift.' Well, double Doh!...she had seen it but was not one to assume it was hers so I couldn't have yelled out the secret any louder. 

I've added a new feature at the bottom of this blog...Art Site of the Week. Some will be artists I know, others that I've found on the web and liked their work. Hope you'll go take a peek. 

I'm enjoying the weekend off but have gotten a start on my next Jammins'© character, titled Touch the Moon. I'll be putting up a WIP (work in progress) on my website next week. 

Here's a partial drawing I did of Boots                (the greatest Chow Chow in the universe). I just love how his face looks when he's sleeping in this position!


  1. Sue, Boots is going to be a gorgeous drawing!! He looks so real already and you've hardly started! Can't wait to see the outcome.[img][/img]

  2. Thanks Margaret, you're my first official comment (there's a reason you got picked for Art Site of the Week, besides the gorgeous work you do)! I'll tell Boots how handsome you think he is :D


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