Monday, September 1, 2008

Keeping your Art Links Organized with Google Notebook

 I really need to keep things organized if I want to accomplish anything with my artwork, website  or blog. One of the most useful tools I've found to date is Google Notebook . 

The notebook works with any browser, but only IE (not V7) and Firefox will work if you want to add a Google Toolbar or mini-notebook according to the download system requirements. I'm using Safari and although I'd like to use those tools I will wait for Google to update to my system as I'm quite happy with it. This means I have to bring up my notebook and manually add links to my notes, but with the toolbar you can just right click on any link and add it to your notes.

But none the less I've got a pretty good organized notebook. I've created four notebooks so far:

Pertinent Links and notes - these are links that will have relevance to posts I plan to do in the future, along with notes about what I wish to comment on

Notes for blog topics - self explanatory but will help me remember what I want to include in the topic

Posts to Upload to Blog - yep, where I'm writing this so it's ready for tomorrow's post. I can also jump ahead a few posts if I wish and just copy and paste or upload them when I want. 

My Sculpture title ideas - I constantly have inspirations for new pieces. At the moment I have only six pieces ahead but I've restrained myself from getting too far ahead of myself. This is much better than scribbling in pencil on a scrap piece of paper and really keeps my ideas organized :)

I can link any phrase to a reference link, add labels to any note I make so I can find it later. I surf the web a lot looking for obscure blogs and references,  and just throwing them into my favorites gives me a huge list of sites that I can't remember what they're for...this really simplifies things.

I discovered the notebook before I started this blog, just to play around with, but now I don't know what I'd do without it. 

Interesting site for the day: Laputan Logic  geez, what isn't covered on this site? art, science, mythology....a lot of very cool and interesting topics. 

And for those of you in the Seattle area, please check out my friend and wonderful artist, Barb Noonan's upcoming shows...


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