Monday, September 29, 2008

Another this and that art related subjects

Well, it's time to change the art site of the week, I hope you enjoyed seeing Lisa Lorenz's wonderful work. 

Now I'd like to introduce Mark Malone , this week's artsite. I've always liked Mark's work for it's power and potential. He has a distinct style that carries through his oil paintings, sketches and digital work and I've enjoyed watching him work to make his own unique artistic vision work into any subject he chooses. Hope you enjoy.

Here's a link to sculptor Javier Marin too, his work astounds me with it's sheer power. The size and scope of his work, though extremely different in style, puts me in mind of the historical period when huge sculptures ruled the environment they sat in. 

And on an entirely different note, check out the miniature work of Michelle Bradshaw , the first piece I saw of hers was East of the Sun West of the, amazing details. 

I guess I just love all sorts of sculpture styles and size really doesn't matter. What I do like is seeing an artist's distinct point of view done with great technique. It's sort of like sneaking into a person's mind and getting to rummage! 

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