Friday, October 3, 2008

Art, motorcycles and pickles?!

I have Bob Dylan to thank for the sheer astronomical numbers of times I've tried to come up with an idea and the word that popped in my mind was 'pickle'. Today I happened to hear the Pickle Song (I don't wanna pickle, just wanna ride my motorsickle) and listened to the story in the song, wondering why that word sticks in my mind so much.

The whole premise of the story is that he wrote the song on the way to what he thought was certain death, as the last song he wanted for posterity, and even though he had some time (it was a long way down lol) he didn't rush what he wanted to say.

Beyond being hysterically funny (maybe you have to be a 60's child to really appreciate it) it's useful imagery. Although I've never painted a pickle (or sculpted a pickle) it's still the image behind my work, because every time that word pops in my head it tells me I'm just trying too hard, to just let go and create what appeals to me at the moment. At the moment I'm doing that with my Jammins'© characters.

 I was at a point (and had been for a solid year) of not creating any artwork at all. It mostly had to do with health issues, but I also questioned where my creativity had gone in my overall body of work. Just doing a good job at something may be satisfying on an accomplishment level, but not always on a fulfillment level. So one day I bought some plain old Sculpey, just to see if I might have something to say in another medium. 

I thought I'd do a figure, just to see if it would take the molding and if the molding quality itself was worth pursuing. Hmmm, I thought, male or female? 'Pickle' my mind said. So ok, lets just start with a face and head. Hmmmm...androgynous...that's an interesting look. No ears? No eyeballs? hmmm...maybe this being sees with it's heart and soul and has no need for these appendages. 

I got done with the head and it was pretty appealing to me. But I was at a loss for where to go from there. So I set it aside for the next day. When I sat back down with it I just grabbed a big chunk of clay and started to push it around the neck, no idea where I was going with it. And darn if it didn't form a simple gown encased body with the cutest little hands and feet. And it seemed to be totally jamming to it's own little vibe. 

The one power that I've found art to have is that once you have created something, it exists. This little creature was not the only one of his kind. He was a manifestation of my/our inner child and his whole being was joyous and simple, yet somehow in a deeper way there was a message in how he and the other Jammins'© see the world. 

It's a good message and I want to help spread it. So it doesn't really matter if it's not considered fine or 'serious' art. I've seen the real inner child in someone come out when they saw a Jammins'© and if for no other reason, I will make as many Jammins'© as are waiting in line to be created, just to see that reaction time and again.

So see? Pickles. You gotta grab your muse any way you can get it :)