Sunday, October 5, 2008

Art Seasons

I think summer is gone. The thermometer is hanging pretty close to the freezing mark this morning and the wind is howling. We may get some more nice daytime temps, but I don't think there'll be too much temptation to stop working for a nice break outside.

I always seem to be at my most productive in fall and spring, I think the cooler temps sort of pick up my spirits and give me energy. In the summer there's so many other things to do outside and sometimes there's no way I want to turn on the oven, air conditioning or not.

The dead of winter tends to slow me down's not the cold, because it's plenty comfortable inside, but I do believe the lack of natural light really affects me. It is a lot harder to see my work, very critical when I was painting but still so while sculpting...light tells me where my shadows fall. The low light conditions also tend to bring my mood down.

This year I've moved my studio out of the single window bedroom dedicated to it and plopped my draft table and sculpting tools and supplies right in the living room. It's up against the far wall, but I almost wish I'd put it in front of the picture window. The view is too nice, I might end up staring instead of working :D

This does solve several things...I can walk over and pick up a piece to work on any time my eyes fall on it, which means I work a bit more. I have three light Ott bulb that mimics daylight, the corner incandescent light and the light from the window (if I could build a studio from scratch though, I'd have a bank of skylights). And finally, it helps to be in the center of my home hub. I have an open floor plan in this part of the house, so everything is convenient. Rather than not get work done due to distractions I get more done. I also remember to get up and move around more often.

This week I've found another wonderful woodcarver for site of the week. Stefanie Rocknak: Sculptor  is a powerful artist, she works at a very large scale (life size to 12 feet) with the dynamism of an old that I mean that you marvel at the strength and mastery of form. I really enjoy her vision, I hope you will too.

site of the week Stefanie Rocknak: Sculptor