Friday, October 31, 2008

New sculpture art pendant "KT's Basket"

This is a Christmas present I did for an artist friend of mine, and this is her Jack Russell terrier. It's just about this size in real life (2 inches wide overall), but you wouldn't see it this close up so it actually looks bigger to me in the photo . This can be worn as a pendant (it's so light, it's amazing) or it can hang on a Christmas tree, or sit on a table, so it's pretty versatile. 

I decided to paint the face gold instead of the light tan she really has, since it tied in with the rest of the gold. I hope my friend doesn't catch this, but I already know what I'm getting (a lovely hand carved wood ornament) so I guess it wouldn't hurt if she does see it ahead of time. 

I forgot that I took the picture below on Halloween morning, from our front was a perfect pumpkin orange sunrise :)

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