Sunday, December 28, 2008

Introducing my New Art Gallery of Paintings to 1000 Markets

I've painted seriously for almost 15 years, but I have recently been on hiatus due to health issues. Luckily, and unexpectedly, the muse has returned and now that I'm working on a new painting I've decided to add a collection of my paintings to my existing Nine Dragons Sculpture Art store on 1000 Markets.

The painting above is titled The Sultress. It was featured along with another of my paintings on a full back cover ad for Shiva paintstiks in the Pastel Journal. It's a favorite of my husbands and he's been reluctant to part with it but the time has come for her to find a forever home :)

The painting I'm working on now is for entry into a gallery show at the University of Idaho. The theme is deconstructing fairy tales to show a feminist point of view....right up my alley teehee! Tomorrow I'll start a base drawing and hopefully put oil to canvas the day after.

I'm really looking forward to painting again. I know I'll have to make a lot of adjustments in how I work so that I can handle the long hours but I think it'll be worth it. Because I paint with oils there is a lot of down time while I wait for the oil to dry between layers., so I plan on keeping up with my sculptures and jewelry during those times.

It's really exciting to put up a new art gallery of my paintings and it's an awesome way to artistically greet the upcoming New Year! Woohoo!



  1. Hey Sue!
    These are such great news for the new year! You are a very talented and skilled painter and I think it's just wonderful that you share this with everyone else. I'm really sure you won't regret about this decision.

    Sending you my best wishes for 2009!!!

  2. Thank you, Koldo! I hope you had a wonderful time in Colorado over the holidays. Your support is so very much appreciated, as is your friendship.

    Sending you my best wishes for 2009 too...I think it's going to be the year of the artists! :)


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