Sunday, January 4, 2009

thebeadedlily - Wearable Art Market Featured Artist

Today it is my pleasure to share the gorgeous beadwork of my fellow Wearable Art Market member, Sarah Kelley aka thebeadedlily.

I've chosen these two pieces to showcase her work because they are my favorite, although just by the teeniest margin. I also think that they are very representative of her artistic vision of tying her own work to the works of the past.

This first beaded cuff is titled Hamunaptra. The focal scarab grabs the eye immediately but it's easy to see and feel the Egyptian connection in the pattern and choice of colors for the beads.

One of the things I like most about some of Sarah's work is her use of different sized beads to tell a story, something I rarely did in my beading days, counting on pattern for my story. Her approach is much more innovative and exciting :)

This second cuff is a more traditional bead piece but I adore her use of the bone beads as an edging. 

Hands Against Time  is photographed against an art background from Dawn of Art: The Chauvet Cave. Note the color similarities, which act as a connection point between past and present.

These are just two of her cuffs, so be sure to visit her shop at 1000 Markets to see more of her exciting beadwork, and while you're there, check out her primitive metal series and stringing too.



  1. Ooh! Sue! Thanks so much for this review! I loved hearing about what strikes you about these pieces:)

  2. I'm so glad, Sarah, you have wonderfully inspiring pieces. :) I liked a lot more, and could have gone on and on, but was trying hard to give a clean, crisp feature article that was easy to follow :D

  3. I love the creations by thebeadedlily. You have done a great jobs describing the pieces.

  4. thanks, waterrose...I hope I do as well when your name comes out of the hat!


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