Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two lovely features done on my art!

Yesterday I found out that my baby chimp sculpture pendant was featured in Moods and Appetites  . Since Japanese art was the inspiration for my foray into the world of sculpture , I was double excited to see my work along side of two very famous historical Japanese artists. 

I love Katrina's approach to blogging, she has a very interesting way of tying historical and modern art together in an informational format.

I spent hours there last night checking out all the wonderful links she has too.

Today I was doubly blessed to find yet another lovely feature on my Nine Dragons Sculpture Art store at 1000 Markets. 

 For the love of beads is a blog written by a fellow 1000 Markets artisan, Mallory, of Rosebud's Lampwork Beads. Mallory is a wonderful glass artisan herself (I'm in lust with her glass vessels and can't wait to own one) and I love her sidekick, Spike :)

Thank you Mallory and Katrina, you've gotten my New Year off to a wonderful beginning! 



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