Monday, January 19, 2009

Wearable Art Market feature - Streetnoodles Handmade jewelry and more

This week's Wearable Art Market feature member is  Streetnoodles.  Birds are one of my favorite things and this is one place where I can find lots of them! My favorite piece is the one shown above, a bird portrait necklace.

I'm also loving another necklace featuring a pretty handsome beetle. Normally I'm not really into insects but I really love the color combination on this one (plus he can't escape!)

For those of you who love nature, but would rather stop and smell the roses, then I have just the thing for you too...these lovely ivory rose and pearl earrings

Please be sure to stop in and check out more of Streetnoodle's products in the Wearable Art Market!  



  1. I love bugs so I dig that necklace!

  2. That's funny, because I could not help but think about your scarab cuff when I pulled this photo :D And I did once buy a rhino beetle that had photo emulsion on it (ooh, look at the pretty colors lol)...that thing has traveled all over the country with us...go figure!


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