Saturday, January 17, 2009

Castle painting update - blocking in furthest castle bldg

castle painting detail photoI've uploaded this photo small so you can get an overall feel for it as a whole, you can click on it for a large detailed photo.

I'm going to leave it at this stage until Tuesday when I'm hoping to get all the block walls and chimneys done.  I think doing the balconies and roofs after that will be fun. So far I'm pretty happy with how things are receding. 

I think the tallest building is part of the original castle, the lighter building to your right is a bit newer and the coach house and bridge entrance the newest. The unfinished building to the rear is also part of the original castle, it's so old that the blocks had crumbled and it's been replaced with some sort of plaster on the wall facing to the left. I completely left out another area that was plastered because it totally ruined the flow of the painting. That's called artistic license :)

It took one 4 hour session to block in the ivy and undergrowth on the right and another session that was a little longer to do the back building. The color had to be just right to work for fading,  showing age and distance, and the main issue was getting the right tones, if an area was too dark it would pop forward.

The process will be slow for a little while longer, but I'm hoping that it'll speed up towards the end....we'll see :)



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