Saturday, February 7, 2009

In a bit of an Animal mood

This song was my personal anthem when I was 13...teenage angst? You bet. 

At that time in the past, the biggest band around was the Beatles. Now there's a lot of Beatle songs that tie into my memories, but even though 'edgy' wasn't a word then, that was how I felt about the Animals. They had a real deep blues base (love the blues...mainly due to them) and somehow most of their songs touched upon how I felt inside. 

They had a rawness and loads of rebellion that fit with the happenings in the world around me then. Think about all that was going on then...the civil rights movement, the Nam war, the atomic bomb drills in school, the questioning of everything...geez, how can a 13 year old deal with all that? 

I dropped out and tuned in to cope...but you know, it wasn't all bad. This culture had a depth to it that the older generation didn't get. We said 'man, you had it all and you are ruining doesn't have to be this way!' And for awhile there were so many of us that they had to listen. 

They say that everything is a circle, and today I feel that is where we are...back to that point where so many of us are saying that exact same doesn't have to be this way. And you know what? We've got their attention again...let's make it work this time!



  1. OH that certainly brought back memories. Especially the drills. Man...I use to have nightmares about that, especially after watching the b&w movies of what happens to people afterwards...pure nightmare stuff. Now I think back...and realize that it was merely a way to make everyone believe they would be safe...hiding under their desks or out in the hallway...everything would have just been dust! And, you are right we are becoming the generation "that had it all."

  2. Yeah, it was a strange time in a lot of ways, but on the other side, there were new wonders every day...I guess it's like that saying...may you live in interesting times.

  3. Bravo, Sue. We grew up in the same generation.


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