Monday, February 2, 2009

Wearable Art Market feature - fatalattraction's le Enchantement

This week's Wearable Art Market feature artisan is fatalattraction of Le Enchantement .

Gale's work is uniquely her own style in every sense of the word. I've chosen three items, the first two leaning towards her wonderful sense of color and form and the last is just one that I totally have my eye on because it's well, just so me!

The Lady Sarah Textile Cuff just captures my imagination with that haunting color combination. Although it has a rose shape it makes me think of a lovely lotus sitting in one of Monet's paintings :)

And who on earth could not be captivated with the title of She was a Black-Eyed Bumper Car ?! Gale's product description have so much flavor I want to eat them right up :D

The last feature piece is the Taking Fire Ring which I just lust after, so couldn't not include it lol

I think we're lucky to have fatalattraction in our market to lend such a wonderful flavor!



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