Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Wearable Art Market feature for this week focuses on Caroly

n Tillie .

I must confess that I never thought much of the idea of eating raw fish, but lately a little sushi bar next to where I buy my deli products has caught my eye. I found myself entranced by the lovely colors and groupings...each offering looking like a miniature piece of art. So I can totally understand how Carolyn came to the decision to use sushi as the inspiration for her gorgeous jewelry!

I can totally picture myself wearing this Nigiri Bracelet but since I actually found the courage to buy some of that lovely sushi (and found it to be DELICIOUS) would I be able to resist wanting to lift my arm to my mouth throughout the day???

The color in the Toro Earrings are a sheer delight...crisp, clean and highlighted by a frame of frosty silver...yum!

This last piece Forged Ebi (shrimp head pendant) just tickles my fancy too...can you imagine all the attention it would get??? it, wear it!!!


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  1. Wow! Stunning work!


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