Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Breast Cancer Diary - a Gift from the Heart

I am writing this blog entry to share with anyone who has been touched by breast cancer the brave and wonderful blog my friend Linda has created  as she goes through her own personal journey with this disease. The Breast Cancer Diary  comes from her desire to share information that will help others to fight this with all the informational weaponry that they can amass.

I actually met Linda when she contacted me on my own blog, one artisan to another. For some reason something clicked and we started corresponding and developed a wonderful friendship. We've never met in person but we've truly come to know one another over time. I love her dearly for the wonderful spirit she has. 

When she first found out that she needed a biopsy she was just like most of us, she was scared...and she counted on the health care professionals to help her. The reality of that was quite different than she'd imagined and her first few weeks after this devastating news was filled with more questions than answers. are informed you have a life threatening disease that must be dealt with urgently but no one is following wait, scared to death, for solutions (or at least the proper signposts so you know what path to follow) and no one gives you any or even seems to care. Meanwhile that clock is going tick. tick. tick.

Fortunately, Linda got the recommendation to seek out a good cancer center for treatment, but even that took information that wasn't readily available. It was then that Linda decided to keep this help others so that no one would ever have to go through that terror and confusion when time is of the essence.

Linda is still deep in the midst of her journey. She had the cancer removed from her breast just days ago but the biopsy results just came back yesterday with the news that it had gone into one of her lymph nodes. She faces yet another operation and then both chemo and radiation treatments. 

My friend is a fighter...I believe she will come through this. She has the best care available now and her attitude is just wonderful. It's not easy to share this experience with others and it's a baring of the soul that has no purpose if it does not help those who can use this information. I'm writing this blog to try and get the word out there by whatever means possible. 

I want her to be able to help others, it's a wonderful way to take something terrible and have good come from it. And, because she's my friend, I also don't want her to walk alone. So please, if you know someone dealing with breast cancer, send them to her may help. It's not about a pity party, it's there to help others have an easier journey in their own fight.

And if you are one of the lucky ones untouched by this, then just take a moment and drop by her side for a moment, so she doesn't have to walk alone.  Thank you. 


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