Friday, April 17, 2009

In honor of Earth Day - my Heaven and Earth Pendant

This Heaven and Earth Pendant is number 13 in my Negative Spaces - Random Meanings series and quite seriously is my favorite so far. It's 3 1/2 inches long, but because it's polymer it's light as a feather and not at all clunky for a larger size pendant. 

The thing I love about doing these pieces is that it's all impulsive...suddenly out of nowhere I get the urge to do one and I have absolutely no preconceived ideas. I just grab (or mix) a color that seems right, the shape is completely random...when it looks right, well, that's just it. Usually I just find a stamp pattern and do it once...this one required a blending of 4 different stampings and some tool imprints to make it 'just right'. Not MY 'just right' but whatever the fates decide. 

As soon as I saw this I knew its title and I knew the finish it needed. The base is a lime green and the patina is a copper metallic. The photo shows the blending but it can't capture the way this glows like gold when the light hits's just awesome. 

I don't what it is about this series...and I don't know how long it will continue or how it may evolve...but it's really like someone besides myself is behind it...and that is what makes it so unique.

Happy Earthday, World...I hope the coming years are kinder to you.



  1. That is one great pendant!

  2. Love all this jewelry that you are doing, Sue.

  3. This is wonderful Sue! I really love it, it reminds me of something that I can't quite track in my head... I think is something from illustrator John Bauer but I'm not quite sure...

  4. let me know if you think of it, Koldo! :)


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