Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mind - Body - Spirit: Two Places, One Healing

Yesterday was a day when I desperately needed to get away. For the past 9 days I've been dealing with some pretty rough neck and shoulder issues and my soul needed some of nature's healing. So Chopper, Boots and I headed out of town to Cherry Springs to catch the first flush of spring. 

The ride was painful, spring showers dampened the walk and you would have thought it was a miserable day to be tromping along a nature walk, especially with nary a bud to be found on the trees yet. But not for me, because nothing restores my soul as much as just being a part of nature's annual rebirth and having the bonus of a day spent enjoying my family's company. 

I love the way sap turns red in river willows and lichen turns plain stone and bark into wondrous colors and patterns. These photos are beautiful but they can't catch the feel in the air or the wonder in my heart as my eyes rested upon what is the true world around us.

On the way back we came across a herd of deer feeding in the Arbon Valley...deer are one of my spirit animals, and always a sign of hope, so it was a special way to end the day.

Then I came home, still hurting but much replenished, to find one last gift...an invitation for my shop to join the new Mind Body Spirit market. My body still has some healing to do but my spirit is full :)

I hope yours, too, is replenished by sharing some special moments with me in my photos and then seeing what else is good for your soul at "Mind Body Spirit" :)



  1. Wonderful! I hope you feel the healing quickly!

  2. Thanks for your reply to my blog. I love all the work that you have been doing lately and sorry I have been out of touch. These are truly beautiful photos. Be well.

  3. Hi Pat...it's good to be in touch no matter how long in between :)

  4. Thanks, my friend :)


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