Sunday, September 7, 2008

Moose on the Loose

Well, it's Sunday and I was being lazy about getting my blog up today...I had an art related subject but fate stepped in instead when I got a phone call and a quickly whispered message from my neighbor informed me there were moose in my front yard. 

Now, although we live in Idaho, this is the southeast and until we moved up on the hill three years ago I wasn't even aware there were any around. Each spring and fall one to three moms bring their first year babies to munch on our gardens and trees. Often they strike in the middle of the night...I only knew they were there this spring because they ate the whole top half off my plum tree (it's small...just 3 years old).

So, anyways, I looked out the front moose. I have trumpet vines along the fence at the side of the house though and they prune them for me every fall, so that's where I headed. I opened the door to see mama staring at me, she acted really freaked out and when I heard a munching sound right next to me I realized baby was pruning not one foot away, I couldn't see him though, it's a big bush. I stayed inside while mom tried to decide whether she needed to attack a threat to her baby, but the fence decided the issue. 

I then got some pics when they decided to go next door for desert. Enjoy!

mmm....mama thinks roses for desert sound good!

better check and make sure the little one is ok

hmmm...thorns don't go down well! (hope you can see the tongue lol)
baby wants to check out the rose dessert
baby going thru my yard...maybe about 5 feet from me

crossing the road to get away from all the people


  1. It must be amazing to walk out your front door and see mother and baby that close.

  2. Hey, is amazing :) Did you do the artwork for your avatar? Looks nice.

  3. ma! looks like a beautiful day in the photos. the moose are amazing. they must feel comfortable and safe near the house. will mail soon, xox moon and sai.

  4. Hey moonchild :) The moose were in our fenced in yard at 5 this morning too...just caught it on the security cameras...walked up and down the patio and stared right in the back door...Boots never even barked!
    Love you!


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