Tuesday, September 9, 2008


This isn't actually my first sculpture(I think that was a hand in the peace sign position back in the 60's lol) but it was my first character piece and so is the ancestor of my Jammins'©

I made it for my friend and fellow artist Kathy Robbins (she's next week's art site of the week) when she was having troubles with pit firing. I told her she needed a kiln troll and proceeded to make one. I loved doing it and would have continued to sculpt, but I had used a plumber's epoxy and had a horrid allergic reaction to it...this was four or five years ago.

So let me introduce Vulcan the kiln troll...

the hair is part of a dog toy I cut off (don't tell Boots)
not sure if you can see, but that's a 'lit' match he's holding
I didn't use any armature for this
even firetrolls have plumber's cracks teehee

those are sequin eyes

Kathy has since moved on to wood carving but he did the trick for her pit firing! 

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