Sunday, November 23, 2008

My muse fails me at Christmas time

I just don't get it. I truly love the Christmas season (heavy marketing aside) and I'm a sucker for all the cute little things people make for ornaments and jaw dropping beauty of some handmade card designs. But I can't make a Christmas decoration/card/motif that I like for the life of me.

It's not that I haven't attempted a few things...I painted a perfectly round tree with tons of ornaments once (yeah, I know, Christmas trees aren't round, but it was so laden with ornaments it FELT round to me and that's how I painted it). I think I did cards one year when we lived in New Mexico, something with peppers, not really very Christmas-y. 

And ok...I got some glass balls one year and decorated them with glass paint...whoop de do. I want to create something full of Christmas spirit that it'll be a treasure to pull out year after year. But I'm starting to wonder if my muse has a part time job somewhere else this time of year, cuz she's sure AWOL around here.

No problem making gifts for my friends and family though...I pay attention through the year to see what their reactions are to different things I make, so they always get something I know they'll like. But I just feel inadequate when it comes to defining the things I feel during this time of year. 

I have a few artist friends that make the most wonderful very favorite does his in pointillism and I put the collection out each year as seasonal artwork. Funds are always tight here this time of year and it would be nice to create my own cards like that. Painting or drawing isn't the issue, it's coming up with an original Christmas theme. Perhaps my love for Christmas means I've seen it all already?

Well, it's not quite the season yet, and maybe this year I'll pull an elf out of the hat, but just in case you get yet another cute picture of my dog on our card this year, please just write it off to my obvious selective creativity syndrome :D

(....hmmm, elf in a hat?'s been done.)



  1. Sue, I understand how you feel because that happens to me very often. I think you should just relax, because these things only happen because of the estress. Maybe you're too worried about how to please other people and you should just give them whatever comes from your heart and don't think about they would like it or not. When we give the best of our true heart then it's only other people's choices to accept it or not.

    I'm sure you'll come up with something nice before you even notice ;-)

  2. Koldo, I think you hit that nail right on the head! I sort of wrote this tongue in cheek, but it really is something that is frustrating. I want to thank you for looking beyond the clown and seeing what's inside and offering up the kind of advice that only a true friend can give. I adore your work just because it is always from your true heart and it shows.


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