Monday, November 10, 2008

Wearable Vessel made easy

I've tried various molds for my wearable vessels, but this one allows me to do up to three at a time. It's a wooden spoon handle just covered with tinfoil (no tape) and then dusted with baby powder. I do two clay coverings for the vessel, I've tried with one, but it's a bit weaker and too much pressure can cause hairline cracks. Here I just rolled out some black on the number 3 setting and wrapped it around the spoon handle. Then I took my 'fabric' and laid it over that. I score the edges together and then lightly smooth. I also lightly roll the whole thing across a smooth surface to round it out nicely...don't roll too much, or too hard, a light touch is very important if you want them to release easily.

If you need holes then now is the time to put them in, or else you will have to drill them out. The bottles come off incredibly easy, I'm thinking that the masking tape I used to seal the tinfoil edge on earlier molds made it more difficult to get them off. I just use a gentle side to side twist to work them off. 

Now I just need to sand the edges, put the top and bottom pieces on, attach the button bead and put on the ribbon 'hinge' and tabs that cover the ribbon. It really speeds up the process doing 3 at once like this :)

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