Saturday, December 20, 2008

Can I have it now, puleeeze?????

This is Boots. Boots is doing what we call his 'bear trick'. He does this when he wants something (like a yummy treat). Boot's is a very polite dog, he's never messed with the Christmas tree or with the presents under it. But he loves Christmas, and knows exactly when it starts...the day I pull out the decorations.

He will not leave my side until everything is in it's place. He noses each present as it goes under the tree, but he knows, just like any little kid, that he has to wait until Santa comes and makes it official.

There is no cue when that will be though, and the anticipation builds and builds. Last night a new present went under the tree...he 'helped' to wrap it even. I walked out of the room and when I came back I noticed him with his head to the floor and thought I heard a paper crinkling. 

I rushed over and sure enough he had a present there...nice and soppy wet from him licking it. Now here's the thing...when he's given a package he rips the wrapping right off, just like any eager kid. This wasn't torn at all...but that's not what is amazing. He had pulled HIS present out from under the tree. 

There was no give away that it was scents, no sounds, no obvious shape. And he had to go through a few other presents to grab this one. How did he know? Even if he figured out it was the only package that he hadn't helped put did he know that? Sometimes I think these doggy friends of ours hide their 'light' behind affable grins just to keep us guessing. 

Anyways, I put the package right back where it was and told him 'not yet' and it hasn't been touched since. But I think Santa better hurry :)


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