Thursday, December 18, 2008

Latest Wearable Art design - Shimmer

Shimmer Designer Necklace
This is my latest Wearable Art necklace, Shimmer.

I designed this one to be flexible so that it would have movement and catch light in different ways. It wasn't really an easy design for a perfectionist...I like every i dotted and t crossed.

I had to let go of that, though, wire is springy and although it is a thick enough gauge to be sturdy it is still bendable, so the many components are able to be shaped to an individual person's form.  

The bell cones are based on the practice of Native Americans use of cone shaped shells as decoration. The cones are made of a pale blue polymer clay and then hand embossed with a fine silver metallic powder, then sealed. So they look blue, silver or a combination of the two, depending on the light.

If you notice, the glass beads around the neck are glittering in some places (click on the photo to see this piece on my shop, then zoom to see detail). That is because part of the beads have been treated with a photo emulsion and as the beads spin on the wire base they sparkle like little jewels :)

Every component on this piece moves in one way or another, bouncing or turning. But the main frame does hold it's shape unless manually adjusted.

It really shines on bare skin, so would be lovely with an open necked top or dress.

I think maybe I've strayed a little from my usual minimalist approach but sometimes whimsey is just as appealing :)



  1. Very pretty. I would love to see this one on a human neck, to see now it flows. Any luck finding a maniquin?

  2. no, not yet :(

    I'm the only model around here and I don't really have a top that is the right color, or right neck opening to showcase it. (And being that I'm not a young'un anymore there's waaaay too much airbrushing to do after I take the photo lol)

    But I hear you...people want to know how something like this looks on the neck. I'll put my mind to a solution. Thanks for the comment, Linda!

  3. Wow there are no words to describe how wonderful that piece is.

    Q? Hmmmm...I can tell you that I'm not tall, dark, or handsome..LOL But I did like his character on Star Trek.

  4. Thanks! Well, not to worry...don't think Chopper would like it if you were t, d & h teehee!


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