Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fantasy and Reality

A few of my fellow members at The Wearable Art Market live in the southern climes and have been saying how much they are missing the change of the seasons, and mostly, snow.

So I thought I'd give them a nice snowy little view of the hills behind our house. I took this photo early this morning and about five more inches have fallen since then.

One thing about pretty little fantasies is that there's usually a not so lovely reality lurking around behind the scenes. 

The photo below (and my aching back from shoveling the driveway and front stairs) is a good example :D

Enjoy those balmy days, ladies!!!


  1. Sue, You need to take it easy,Hon. You will have yourself sick before the big day. We don't have a lot of snow right now but it is on its way. Suppose to get up to a foot starting tonight. We're on our way to town to get a few things just encase it gets real bad. Loved your pix.

  2. lol Linda, thanks for looking out for me :) I hope you don't get snowed in, and hope that you too are doing well in the health department.


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