Sunday, January 11, 2009

heART supplies (excerpt from 1000 Markets blog)

I was talking with my friend, Lynn of BlueStone of Orcas Island today and she mentioned pulling out her heart supplies. She was speaking of actual hearts for Valentine themes for her jewelry, but I took it as calling her art supplies 'heart supplies' and it really got me thinking.  

I'm not one to get all mushy about Valentine's Day (hey, if I get a card it's a talking hot dog asking me to be theirs lol) but I do believe art is from and of the heart. I think every artisan gets a little heart jolt every time they sit down to go to work and see all their supplies laid out. It does not matter if the supplies are jewels, raw materials or tubes of's all something to get our hearts racing, for we are about to make a gift of love for someone else.

Thanks for that lovely thought, Lynn!  

I'd also like to thank Jacquie of JLynn Creations for the absolutely lovely feature she did on my shop. I adore beach glass and she's got a lovely selection in her 1000 Markets store, so be sure to drop in and check it out!



  1. My computer crashed yesteday, so I wasn't able to comment on your process of painting. I do remember the detail of the roofs. Today, I love the comments about heart supplies. I think you're right, every artisan/artist has a heart that oozes creativity. Isn't that a good thing to have? I think so!

  2. oh no...not the puter! We need to go kick some Best Buy butt!

    Thanks for commenting and hope your puter holds up and keeps your heart happy. :)


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