Monday, January 12, 2009

Lavender Cottage - Wearable Art Market Featured Artist

This week's Wearable Art Market featured artisan is Lavender Cottage . I always have a hard time choosing which pieces to feature, but this time it was quite easy, as the first feature piece is right at the top of my own wishlist :)

You see, I have a thing for dragonflies. No matter where I've lived, be it Alaska or Florida, there are always these quickly darting flashes of living iridescent color to engage my imagination. So when I saw this Enchanted Dragonfly ring, and Cheryl's suggestion that the size would be suitable for a thumb ring, well, it went right on my Amazon wish list (which I intend to show my husband come birthday time)! 

I recently did a necklace based on water movement, so this piece entitled Water's Edge Pendant was also a cinch. I love how the balls just seem to be floating in a tide pool, and the background setting for this photo is just perfect for this piece. 

These are just two of many wonderful designs on Cheryl's site , so be sure to take a peek and add to your wishlist!


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  1. Wow! What gorgeous work! I am amazed and impressed. Now, I'm off to watch Oprah's web cast.


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