Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Finding my Tweet voice

Now that I'm firmly entrenched in the world of online marketing and social media I'm slowly learning that I need to find my own voice. Currently I'm managing two Twitter sites, one for our Peace & Love market and one for my own work (feel free to follow either or both!).

Surprisingly I'm doing a bit better with the market blog than my own, though that may be because I have a stronger base to work with per demographics. It's a little easier to tie into other people's crossover interests far we have the Foo
Fighters following us plus a real rocking group I just got introduced to called Citizen Icon . I think Twittering involves a lot of you scratch mine, I'll scratch yours, so I do a lot of re-tweeting followers' tweets. 

I also try to play up the market products with a bit of foreplay in the form of questions...hoping to perk a bit of interest in following the link. It's hard sometimes...I know we have some awesome products and a lot of fun, interesting blogs and forum topics to engage people but I've never liked or wanted to be the slick salesman. I figure quality sells itself...but only if people know where to find it.

As to my own work and tweeting it...well, I think I need to just talk it up a bit rather than hard sell. I don't want to bore people with an endless parade of product (why click when you know what it's for?) or a boring minute by minute update of my day. So I'm falling back on my old WIP habits..which is short for Work in Progress. I used to do threads and blog posts that went on for weeks and months, and now I have to do it in one short sentence. Well, I'm using a bit of foreplay there too...don't you want to see the head I just popped in my freezer??? lol...of course you do...and it's now a twitpic. 

Of course, I still haven't gotten any famous bands to follow me...I mean if you aren't Ozzy or Alice Cooper what use do you have for a head anyways???  :D


  1. Wow! You've figured out Twitter! I'm still working on that one! Good for you!

  2. Hey Rose...I know you're at Twitter...was looking at your bio there yesterday! Just jump's like a mini chat over time :)


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