Thursday, March 12, 2009

Looking for inspiration...

Well, it's actually been a productive day for me but even though I fired eight new pendants they weren't ready for finishing, so I decided to play around with a couple photos I took. The first photo is completely untouched, though I did crop the image. I went to fill a pot with water and noticed the water was neon blue. I realized that the cobalt pieces in the window were being reflected in the water stream and wanted to get a unique angle of it. I love how it so sharply focused in on the water.
I did a ton of effects on this next one...none of the colors are accurate since I boosted the heck out of them and then cooled the temperature. I took this photo of my pieces still in the dutch oven on a plate glass (it keeps them flat while they cool). I noticed the cool, barely there, reflection of the overhead chandelier and wanted to bring that out so it looked like a mirror reflection. 

I don't know why I do this stuff...I guess I just enjoy seeing unusual effects that I might use as inspiration down the road. No sense keeping them to myself :)



  1. Wow! Sue, I love the photos and those pendants are fantastic! Will you be listing them in your 1000Markets store?

  2. Hey, thanks Mallory :) Yeah, I'll be listing them at my store once they're finished :)


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