Monday, March 9, 2009

Trying out different tools for Social Media interaction

This photo is showing my new toy, a browser application called PeopleBrowsr. You don't have to download anything to use it, just go to the site and start using it (though you might want to bookmark it and certainly want to watch the tutorial video). This is a small photo, so maybe you can't really see what is here but it is showing 5 different photo streams from Twitter. I can simultaneously keep track of my own posts, my followers' posts, those I'm following, any comments on 1000 Markets and any comments of the Peace & Love market. I can also pull up other things to look at, like who is re-tweeting me or talking about a comment I've made. It sort of makes me feel like a spider who has spun out her web and is waiting for visitors (though I'm not trolling for dinner lol). I also can check and post to other social media networks through here, like Facebook, Flickr, Youtube and Google search plus several more.

I've also been exploring some other tools for Social Media like myopenID , SezWho and JS-Kit. This all started when I happened to come across a comment I had made on PR 2.0  that had a (who is this?) behind my user name...I clicked on it and found a little history of comments I had made on the web in various places. Hmmm...veddy interesting! I now have an open ID, and an account with both SezWho and JS-Kit. I may not need those things, but I have a feeling some of this will be important down the road, especially for someone trying to market.

I now have a new comment area on my blogger and it allows comments to include photos. I use my open ID to comment, which is kind of strange, since I've always used my blogger ID. A person can also connect with Facebook or Yahoo plus more or as a Guest with a chosen nickname. It also allows others to say if a previous post is offensive. I hope that this encourages people to comment, so try it out and let me know :)

Let me know if you're trying any new toys too!



  1. Holy Moly! How do you find the time to check out all these things. I have a list a mile long of things I'd like to try out, but can't seem to get to them. Keep us posted and keep up the good work!

  2. lol at the Holy Moly! I don't actually find time...I just keep getting sidetracked following one source that always leads to another lol

  3. Sue, thank you for all of the great sites and suggestions you have in your blog! These look great!


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