Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gallery Show for Women's History Month at ISU

So last night was the opening of the Women's History Month gallery show at Idaho State University. My painting "I am, Therefor I can" is seen in this first photo. The theme of the show is to deconstruct fairy tales in art or writing so that it shows the young women of today that times have change and they have a voice they need to use. 
This painting is by CJ McCoy who is the head of the Women's Study Group at ISU. I wish you could see the little silkworms spinning the stockings from the toes up...I love touches like that!
This is another of her paintings, to show that this is another view, less seen, of Cinderella's life. Many people got into the spirit of the exhibition by dressing in costumes...it was rather surreal.
Here we have CJ McCoy as the 'bad' witch with one of her students as the 'good' witch...the costumes were great!

I thought this last photo was wonderful...when we left the exhibit we happened to drive by this lit up peace sign in someone's front yard. Yeah...love it!



  1. Isn't it great to see your work hanging somewhere other than your own studio?A whole new perspective.

  2. OMG Sue, it's so Awesome to see your painting hanging at the show! Thanks for sharing some of the other work at the exibit with us too! Love that people were dressing in costume for the event, how fun was that?! Oh and the peace sign, how fitting was that to end your wonderful night!!! Kinda Magical! xo Baubles Buttons & Beads

  3. Yeah, Deb..it was sort of like everyone at peacelovemarket was with me when I saw that peace sign :) xoxo

  4. That is awesome, Sue! I love your finished painting, too! You deserve the credit you receive in that show!


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