Thursday, March 5, 2009

I bought something at 1000 Markets!!

I bought this lovely lampwork vessel from 1000 Markets last night,  from Rosebud's Lampwork Beads  .

I hardly get anything special for myself but I've been in love with her little glass vessels since way before Christmas, and I finally just couldn't stand the lust anymore!

I really had a hard time deciding exactly which one was the 'perfect' one...I really love cobalt and she has a lovely cobalt piece, and then she has some really unique open cut pieces too...but in the end, this was the one that said 'me'! :)

If you've never shopped at 1000 Markets, you're in for a treat. They use Amazon Payments and it takes less than a minute for a person to order, pay for and receive confirmation from both 1000 Markets and Amazon. And personally, it feels super to support quality artisan work and that is all you will find there, yep, one shop after another full of wonderfully crafted items!

I've already gotten a letter from Mallory saying it would be shipped today and I'm so durn excited that I grabbed these photos from her shop so I could feel like it's totally mine before I even get it.

So today I'm telling others that it's ok to treat yourself once in awhile and the perfect place to do it is at one of the 1000 Markets shops , and be sure to take a peek at the rest of Rosebud's Lampwork Beads  while you're there!



  1. Thank you, Sarah! And you know you're at the top of my list for beadwork... (in case anyone wants to see what else I like) :)

  2. Sue, thank you! Your vessel is in the mail! I hope you like it when you receive it.

  3. That is really pretty! what will you put in it?

  4. thanks, Rose~! It's interesting that you ask...and probably everyone will think this is very weird, but I saved my dog's milkteeth when I found them...they're very tiny and pearescent. I want to put one in there so I always have that puppy feeling about life - ain't it grand to be alive and romping? :D

  5. Ha-- not so weird-- I have one of my kitties milk teeth. The only one I found. He was a regular snagglepuss. His adult canines came in before his baby ones fell out:)


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