Saturday, March 7, 2009

Twitter spam

Admittedly I'm new to the world of Twitter, but I already know that it's a super social media tool. My purpose for being there is to promote our Peace & Love market at 1000 Markets . Right from the very beginning I was very upfront about it. I know a lot of people use it as a one line chat box, and I myself will use it that way to respond to friend's posts, but the main objective is to bring awareness about our market.

I've already learned some rules about gaining endless streams of format product hawking, throw in some interesting asides via links to things of interest and absolutely no direct messages to push my products. I try to keep my posts interesting and reach beyond the sphere of my artisan friends so I have a larger audience. I courtesy follow other businesses when they follow me. Slowly I'm building up a following.

But I'll tell you right now that I don't like direct message marketing, ESPECIALLY when you don't know the first thing about me or my work, but pretend you do. It seems that some people aren't so interested in tweeting as they are in having a way to directly contact people that might be a sucker for their sales pitch.

Last night I got a 'following' notice from a new online shopping market called Zibbet. I've seen them around, they seem to be trying for the same group of artisans that belong to 1000 Markets and were quick to jump on the bandwagon of no up front fees. Hey, good for them...but I sincerely doubt they have the overall vision that makes 1000 Markets one of kind or the inherent class that comes from the jurying process at 1kM. But you know, they followed me, so I did a courtesy follow back.

Next thing you know I get this in my direct inbox.... 

Love your range of work!! Check out when you get a chance...we'd love to have you on board! No upfront fees!!

zibbet / zibbet

now...really? You love my range of work? What exactly do you love about it? Which pieces made you feel I had this range? Was there one in particular you liked and why? Do you even know my name? I mean, come that the best you can do for a pickup line?

I'm an artist; for years I avoided marketing because I could not stand that slick 'you're an idiot, so I can sell you my snake oil' approach that sales people have. It's only since I've become interested in helping promote my market that I found there's a different way. The people that buy/use your products are just that...people. They have feelings, interests and don't want to be treated like idiots. Sure, they all buy things, but why should they choose your thing? Maybe because you cared about what they think, feel and have an interest in. You didn't just treat them as a statistical number in your line of fish that you've hooked and tried to reel in.

I can tell you unequivocally that I will not even check out Zibbet's site. I have no interest in associating with that kind of a place for my products (which yes, by the way, do have an interesting range and deserve to be in a place that actually knows why and appreciates it).

So fyi, zibbet....there's a new world of change media. You don't control it, and we're not going to fall for your old salesman tactics, because we've decided we've had enough - I care where my products end up. Take notes or you won't last long.


  1. Sue!! THIS IS MY DREAM PAGE! I cannot believe I cannot figure it out! I pushed follow so let's see if I do! Your Blog is SO FUN & informative!
    Love you SO MUCH!

  2. lol Lynn...I'll help you anytime you want to do your own dream page...and guess what? I just got your follow notice on twitter!!! See ya in the tweets!

    Love you too girl

  3. Sue, I'm following you now on Twitter. I got a DM for zibbet, too. Like you, I deleted it! Oh, well!

  4. Hey, Mallory...I'm figuring everyone got the same message...oh well is right.

  5. checking to see if myopenID and js-kit works :)

  6. pretending to be someone elseMarch 9, 2009 at 3:04 PM

    this is Sue...just testing to see if others can post as a Guest :) And look...guests can add pictures too :)


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