Thursday, October 23, 2008

An artist's mind

Today I had someone looking at some of my work and I got the quintessential comment "You really have an odd mind" when they saw my Jammins' characters. Now, that comment can be taken a lot of ways, but for me it was sort of an official stamp on being an artist.You see, we artists should not only have an odd mind, but the ability to express it well. 

Recently I've had more exposure to some really great illustrative artists and I'm almost jealous of their ability to express their 'odd' thoughts in such a delightful way. I've mentioned my friend Koldo's work before, not only does he delight with wonderful illustrations, you also get the added bonus of some delightful stories and character personality bios. 

Yesterday I was introduced to the work of another illustrator who commented on his site and again...jealousy lol! I can paint and sculpt but I can't seem to capture characters like illustrators do on paper. Take a moment to visit Leah Palmer Preiss's site Curious Art . The more I went back through her posts the more impressed I was with the way her mind works and her ability to express it. 

Anyways, if you're an artist and someone says your mind is odd, or strange...don't take offense, wear it as a badge of honor. Not everyone might appreciate it, but for those of us who do, you're a beacon of light in a sea of mundaneness.