Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sculpture Art Pendants

I've come up with the idea of making some trapeze style frames for miniature sculptures that can be worn as jewelry or hung for display. At first I just wanted to suspend the sculpture as is, but realized that the pieces would probably flip upside down. So I decided to use frames for them with a single loop for hanging from some old sterling silver wire I've had for years. I'll use other shapes (along with using this circle design) for future pieces.

The photo is of the piece still unfinished, I'll sand a couple areas and then varnish it. No painting it, as it's much too small and basic a design, I want to keep it simple. The hummingbird is one inch tall and the beak is under 1/16 inch around. 

Here is an updated photo of the finished piece available on my website.

It's time for the Site of the Week, this time I've chosen a surreal/hyperrealist figurative painter from Peru, Renso Casteneda