Friday, October 24, 2008

When art goes Bad

'When art goes bad' sounds like one of those specials on Animal Planet when someone seriously gets maimed, but there really are days in an artist's life when you end up feeling like you've just been mauled. You know how it is...things you've done a hundred times with no problem just won't work and if you're trying something new you can even wonder what ever made you thought you could be an artist.

I know that when I have a day like that it's usually because I'm over tired. Today was one of those days...everything I touched just fell apart or was ruined because other things fell apart. I even stabbed my finger with a razor knife (just a nick, but red doesn't mix well in ivory clay). I ended up salvaging part of my work and used it to make a new frame for tomorrow's work, so at least I didn't end up with a total loss for the day. On days like this it really is easy to question everything I'm doing, but in the end I realize it's just an off day. Tomorrow I will be fresh after a good night's sleep and I'll be right back in the old saddle.