Monday, October 20, 2008

Fine art in everyday objects

Now that I've started making Sculpture Art Pendants I've been thinking about how other artists have learned to incorporate fine art into utilitarian or decorative objects. In fact, the very beginnings of modern art came from ancient decoration on every day objects.

At first it started simply, with etched or painted on designs in pots and then it slowly started to evolve. Plain handles became delicate animal or human figures, simple buttons created to hold pouches became intricate art objects, and neck pendants became cameos. Eventually most art went on to become stand alone pieces but collectors still prize ancient decorative utilitarian pieces.

In this day of instant gratification and fast paced video, tv and movie action, art has taken a little bit of a back seat. Most people don't often sit and contemplate paintings on the wall or sculptures sitting on a table. But having something that they can interact with on a daily basis not only fulfills a need but builds a new appreciation for art.

Granted, my pendant still fits into a decorative category, no one has to wear jewelry but it's sort of a feel good process for a woman to put on a treasured pretty to start the day or evening off right. I've been 'test driving' this piece the last couple days and I love the feeling of looking down and seeing a tiny little bird nestled on my's almost like having a tiny little pet travel everywhere with me. I even find myself stroking it's little feathers for a soothing moment now and then.

So I've been thinking about how many wonderful artists are out there that just aren't finding a market for their work. Maybe it's time for all of us to start thinking outside the modern box, and come up with ways to bring our work into the everyday life of people again. Who says a painting has to be in a rectangular frame and only hung on a wall, or that sculpture can only stand on a base on a coffee table?  An appreciation for art was born in the everyday object and perhaps we can once again resurrect that need for a touch of quiet appreciation in the midst of a modern busy life.