Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Artsite of the Week - 1000 Markets.com

If you read my blog yesterday you'll know that I recently opened up my own online store. This blog entry isn't to promote my own store, but the actual exciting new artisan venue that 1000 Markets has to offer. I think that a look at some of the exciting work there will not only make your wish list grow but offer up a lot of inspiration for your own work. So that is why I've decided to make this the Art Site of the Week. 

I found out about 1000 Markets through another artist blog. I really respect this artist (and am inspired by her silversmith work) so when she blogged about it I was naturally curious and set out to research. 

Information for artists:

All the information is on their site, I think it's an excellent and fair venue for artist/craftspeople and they solely use Amazon for their shopping cart, so purchases have great backing behind them. I think any artist would be happy with the terms, there are no fees until you sell your work. And I've found the support to be absolutely wonderful. It is a juried acceptance, so put your best work forward if you decide to join...this keeps the quality and appearance of the whole Market top drawer quality. 

Information for viewers:

Oh...go have a blast! The markets have unique offerings from fine art to culinary wonders with all sorts of creative stuff in between. I've spent hours looking through the shops when I should be working (it's like going to an upscale mall and none of the merchandise is mass produced!). I'm really impressed with the workmanship and have found some things that I've never seen the likes of before.  

Have fun window shopping for fun and inspiration!


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