Sunday, November 16, 2008

strange happenings in the night

Due to a very long and strange night I have no brain cells left to come up with a topic for today's post. At two in the morning the garage door suddenly's right under our bedroom, so sounded like a train had just exploded into the room. My dog, Boots, went crazy barking, my husband didn't even move (ears plugged by pillow) and I'm racing to the window to look out. We finally got downstairs to investigate (not as good at emergencies when eyes still glued shut) and a car drove by, went to the end of the street and picked up a passenger and then beat it out of there. Unsure if it was related or not, but this has never happened before, and so far, not since.
I didn't call the police until this morning...if it was  burglars they were long gone. No reports of similar incidents though. Could be a system malfunction, but if so it would not be traceable if it's intermittent. They said to call if it did happen again and they would check the neighborhood for suspicious activity. In this town, response is fairly quick, so it might actually do some good.

Anyways, very unsettling way to wake up and we didn't get back to sleep until 5am, and then up in four hours. I thought about skipping a post, but have promised myself that this would be a daily blog, so you're stuck with a dud today lol!

Artwise I'm re-doing some of my bangle bracelets, due to issues with the wire. The new design solves the problem. I'm also in the process of opening a regular online shop, still lots of set up and details to be worked out, so I'll update that information when it's up and running.

Hope you're having a more restful weekend!



  1. Probably it was nothing but I'd keep an eye open. Curiously, a few weeks ago we found the door of the storage open and it was locked before. We got the landlady change the locks in the house. Do you thing it may be Santa's elves checking out where to leave the gifts for Christmas? ;-)

  2. lol guess I wouldn't shoot Santa if he broke in :D Eyes are open, it has not happened again, but we do have video surveillance (long story involving a neighbor), so that helps. Good thing you got your locks changed, that's spooky too.


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