Thursday, December 11, 2008

Are you looking for something unusual for the holiday?

1000 Markets I belong to 1000 Markets as a merchant, and of course I like to promote this venue, it's only natural since I have a business there. I already have badges on the side of my blog for both my own store and the market I belong to there. So why this extra post?

Well, today is one of those days that my creative juices decided to take a nap without me and about all the energy I have has been spent cruising around the 500+ stores at 1000 Markets to check things out. I also like to write a blog post every day and when you're not creating and the brain cells also went on siesta, well, you gotta write about something, right?

I've also gotten some environmental news email today, urging people to stop wasting gas and shop online for their holiday gifts...yeah, I say...good idea! There's a glut of advertising on the net, usually for either mass produced goods or top fashion designs. There's a lot of unusual shops out there too, with really innovative and/or beautiful craftsmanship but they're really hard to find. So what to do?

Well, that's the driving idea behind 1000 Markets. It's not just another online site for handcrafted warehousing. It's juried-acceptance multiple artisan shops featuring high quality workmanship gathered together in one place. These shops in turn are gravitating towards markets....regional, item specific, style...wherever they fit well.

Want something modern and sleek to give your significant other? Have a new baby in the family? Is there someone in your house with a sweet tooth? How about someone who loves to turn their bathroom into a personal spa? Want some high fashion wearable art? Or maybe just some lovely unique cards to send out. You can find markets that will cater to each of these things and then pick the shops that strike your fancy.  Or you can just cruise the shops or even just check out the product photos and click on what appeals.

What makes this place different is that, although you get a market experience, you also get quality and uniqueness. And you get love.  Yep, that's right...I never yet have found love at the big department stores or high end boutiques, have you? Do you pick up something you admire and marvel at the craftsmanship and actually feel the love that went into it? Do you know that when this piece is given as a gift that it passes on more than your own love to the receiver? Yes, you can't touch and feel things online, but you can see it and even feel it at 1000 Markets. 

And did I mention unique? The thing about artisans is that when they see a need, they invent something to fill it. There's some pretty innovative stuff in some of these shops...something you might just have wished you had. And loads of things you may not need, or ever thought of wanting, but the sheer inventiveness tickles your acquisition bone :)

The artisans themselves are a pretty special group too...they may be your neighbor (the nice one) or live just down the street. They may live across the country in a place you'd love to see and feel. They bring their world to you, through their eyes and hearts. They give you quality and pride of workmanship and yes, for what they do, love for sharing what they do. And although everyone hopes to make a living doing what they love, almost all will agree that they just want a loving home for that part of them invested in their work. They want you to be happy and will go out of their way to make that happen for you in exchange for your business.

I don't know about you, but these days I feel most places in the service business forgot the 'service' part. Put your money in the bank and they act like they're doing you a favor. Ask a question and get an automated machine. Expect a smile and get impatience. You will find none of that at 1000 Markets. It's real people with a real desire to give you your money's worth.

This is a time in history when things are confusing and on shaky ground. It's not terrible, but it's a little frightening and it makes people want to gather their loved ones around them and settle in to 'comfort' things. The threat of loss makes things we have so much more special and that not only applies to our families, it also encompasses the memories. My memories are tied into little keepsakes that have meaning to me. When I give a gift that is what I want to give that person...a memory. Make a memory today for your loved ones and friends...if you're going to get them a gift, then buy something special that started on the basis of love. 

That's it...give 1000 Markets a try, I bet you'll like what you find :)


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  1. Sue, This is a great post. All your friends at should all send you a nice gift in thanks, hehe.


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