Friday, December 12, 2008

Hand carved ornament elves by Kathy Robbins

I just love getting ornaments for Christmas  because I get to open them early!

These adorable little guys were made for me by my artist friend Kathy Robbins

They stand from 3 -4 inches high and each one is unique. Some have deep incise marks on the clothing but my personal favorite is the one that allowed the shaving marks to show...I think it's just wonderful to see the mark of the artist in their work. Kathy also handpainted each one of these once they were carved. 

So far she has just carved these for friends and family but I think I've convinced her to open a shop at 1000 Markets after the first of the year where I'm sure these will sell like hot cakes next season...meanwhile she'll have lots of other carvings to tickle your fancy too.

Thanks, Kath!


  1. Oh lucky you!! I am green, green, green. These are just the cutest little guys. I love Santa and Kathy has done a great job with these. Please let us know when she opens her shop.
    Oh by the way I have a great post on Santa's on my blog this morning.

  2. thanks, Linda...I'll for sure let you know :) I checked out your blog and thanks for the link!


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