Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Don't you love inspirational blogs?

I led me to doing my latest concept piece "Lime in the Coconut".  

It all started yesterday morning when I opened my Google Reader to check out the blogs I can't get in my mail RSS feed. I follow several artists and artisans for the most part. The Daily Art Muse is one of my favorites...she has inspiring posts but she also scours Flickr for inspirational photos to share.  

They are always inspiring but until yesterday never actually were the start of an actual piece I made. But she put up a photo of a close crop grouping of coconuts. The combination of roundish repeating shapes and texture grabbed my attention so I 'starred' it for later. At that time I was thinking of the pattern.  

But then it happened. Yep, that dreaded song-stuck-in-the-head thing...'Put the lime in the coconut..." . Over and over it played until my only recourse was to sit down and design this little literal interpretation.

It's only an inch around and it became my favorite piece (so far) once I put it's very textural in your hand and it bounces merrily on your chest...and I'm not even a 'green' type of person but I love the color. Also in real life it sort of captures 'coconut' quite well.  

I love anything that tickles my funny bone anyways, and this certainly does that. So as you all sweat the mechanics of writing your own blogs out there, remember that someone, somewhere might just grab an inspiration like I did, and that makes it all worth while :)

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